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Permanent Makeup & Lip Tattoos: I Got My Lips Done (& Here's Why)

This page could contain affiliate hyperlinks. In case you make a purchase through any of these hyperlinks, I may make a small commission. Choosing Your Tattoo Parlor for my full disclosure statement. What's The Meaning Of Koi Fish? -up for lips and beauty tattooing: would you get your lips colored? PMU lip shading is nice for individuals with hyperpigmentation to appropriate the colour and outline the lips whereas still wanting pure.

If you’ve been following me closely on Instagram, you’ve most likely seen weekly updates on my stories about my latest cosmetic procedure: I obtained my lips tattooed! After I bought my eyebrows microbladed by Lynn at Luxury Beauty Studio in Tustin, California, I put some main thought into getting permanent makeup done for my lips.

While eyebrow microblading is becoming a more common process, other permanent makeup services like lip shading and eyeliner are still uncommon. I put my faith in Lynn with my brows (they usually turned out so effectively!), but the very idea of everlasting makeup was still nerve-wracking for me. But after a while, I took the plunge and bought it completed, and to sum things up: I absolutely cherished how natural the outcomes were!

Before Best Way To Prepare Yourself For The Pain Of A Tattoo? ’d ever met Lynn, I used to be very insecure in regards to the grey coloration on my lips caused by hyperpigmentation. I started experimenting by filling in the darker grey shade with a lip pencil that resembled my natural lip and saw such a difference in my general look as soon as the gray was covered up.

Unfortunately, my natural lip liner trick didn’t work so effectively. The lip liner would come proper off after a meal or a number of sips out of my water bottle. It was a trouble for me to consistently have to line my lips with a pencil every day just to present my lips the natural coloration they need to have by default!

Women Foot Tattoo Designs - The Sexy And Hot Options is actually a standard and harmless situation that many people have. Unfortunately, for me, my hyperpigmentation was very extreme and because of this, I had way more grey discoloration and less defined outer edges of my lips than most. In case you are olive-toned or are extra tan/darkish-skinned, the higher amount of melanin in your skin can darken from solar exposure, so hyperpigmentation on the edge of the upper lip space can be frequent.

I may not be of darker skin, but the amount of melanin in my skin from my Filipino heritage makes me predisposed to getting hyperpigmentation than, say, somebody from Caucasian descent. If you're contemplating permanent lip shading to conceal your hyperpigmentation, remember that hyperpigmentation may cause the tattoo pigment to not retain its shade and will require contact-ups to guarantee the shade is uniform.

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